Henna  Heals

Henna Heals was founded in 2011 by Frances Darwin. Working as a photographer in the United States, Frances became inspired by a client who was adorned with a henna crown and whom she had the good fortune of photographing. This artistic, beautiful alternative to a wig or scarf for people who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy and alopecia was something she wanted to become involved with, so when she moved to Canada she decided to start a business providing henna crowns to the people of Toronto. To her great surprise, this concept resonated with many people around the world and she ended up creating a global henna crown movement. 

Articles about Henna Heals have been featured in Elle Magazine, Daily Mail Bored PandaHuffington Post, and Buzzfeed.

Quin, the artist and owner of Henna Planet, is a proud member of the original Toronto Henna Heals team. Although Henna Heals is no longer in business, Quin continues to offer henna crowns as part of her Services.

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A woman with a henna crown in Toronto.
 Photo: Katerina Shaverova    Design: Sara Mush    Henna: Quin Singh

Happy Henna Planet Customers!

Thank you, Tarquin, for my beautiful henna crown. I love it!! It was a relaxing, soothing experience, and was also a huge confidence restorer. ~ Leslie