By Appointment Only: Booked in advance through Henna Planet.

Location: Manzer Hair Studio, 1993 Danforth Ave.



15 min - $22.50           

30 min - $45       

45 min - $67.50             

1 hour - $90         

Service calls for private appointments in your home start at $135. Please Contact for a quote.

Parties & Events

At your Home or Event Location.

Large Events:  You can expect approx. 18 - 20 people to receive small, quick henna designs in 1.5 hrs.   

Small Parties: You can expect approx. 9 - 12 people to receive large henna designs in 1.5 hrs. 



$135 first 1.5 hrs         

$45/additional half hour      

Minimums and travel fees may apply.   

Party Extras:

  • Mini Lesson: Includes a brief introduction to the history, use and safety of henna. While the artist adorns each of the guests with their own special henna, the other kids can be practicing henna on laminated design sheets.

    • $45 additional charge plus $5/per guest for the henna cones (kids can take the leftover henna cones home with them to use on themselves).

  • Henna Cones for Party Favours

    • $7/cone 


Pre-Natal Bellies

Henna is meant to bring good luck and offer protection!

Birth is a rite of passage that in some cultures is celebrated with henna in order to protect the mother and baby form evil spirits.

Bellies typically take 1.5 hours and are done in the comfort of your own home or event




$135 first 1.5 hrs

$45/additional half hour

Minimums and travel fees may apply.   


Henna Crowns are an alternative to scarves and wigs for people going through cancer treatment or for those who are experiencing hair loss.

People who get henna crowns done love the pampering that they receive from this experience. The process of having henna applied to the head feels relaxing, calming, and soothing. Henna crowns tend to help boost morale and make people feel good.

Full Crowns take approximately 1.5 hours.

HST (13%) will be a dded to the total price.  

  • For people who have been diagnosed with cancer:

    • $90 flat fee.

    • The henna may be applied in your home or hospital room. Travel fees may apply.

    • If you want a simpler henna crown, it will have to be done at Manzer Hair Studio. For quote please Contact.

  • For people with shaved heads or alopecia: 

    • $135 for 1.5 hours in your home, (minimums and travel fees may apply), click contact button below.

    • For people looking for a simpler crown design, please go to private appointments above to book online.


Simple or elaborate, Henna Planet is here to cater to your needs.

Bridal henna may be applied in your home either during your bridal (sangeet) or during a separate private appointment.

Henna should be applied two to three days ahead of the wedding.

  • starting at $135.

Minimums and travel fees may apply.


Henna Planet runs Henna Workshops, Educational Presentations, and Private or Semi/Private Lessons for all ages, from kids to adults.

Taught by Ontario Certified Teacher, Tarquin Singh.

During workshops, the most frequently asked questions about henna will be answered, from the use and history of henna, to how to get the best henna stains. Hands on activities will focus on how to mix natural home-made henna paste, fill and use cones, and create and implement simple henna designs.

Please Contact if you would be interested in hosting a workshop at your school or event location.

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