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About the Artist

Hello, my name is Quin Singh

One of the first things people are curious about is how I got started in henna art and I always tell them the same story. My daughter received a henna kit for her birthday when she was six years old. One day she was home sick so we pulled it out and mixed it up together. She was too young to do it herself so I applied the henna to her, trying to copy the designs that came with the kit. I have an arts background and have drawn all my life, so it came quite easily to me. However, I was not very good at the beginning.

I found myself falling in love with the beauty, timelessness, and transient nature of henna as I began researching about this art form on-line. I ended up finding an on-line community of henna artists from around the world whom I learned and got support from. I mastered making natural henna paste, gained knowledge about the history, use and traditions of henna, practiced designs, and within a few years opened my own business. To this day, I continue to grow as a henna artist, and the more I learn about henna from my clients and other artists, the more deeply I am moved by its rich and diverse history.

I believe that henna has the ability to transcend time and place as well as connect people from all backgrounds. As henna art grows in popularity globally, I am thrilled that I not only get to carry on a tradition that has been central to celebrations, rites-of-passage, and beautification for thousands of years, but that I also get to share the magical qualities of this magnificent art form with all the new people I meet.   

~ Quin

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