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Learning Experiences

Henna Planet takes prides in its high quality professional service. You can expect friendly
customer care in relation to all your henna questions and needs. 

A girl sitting at a table holding a henna cone and practicing henna designs on a laminated board.

Whether learning one-on-one or in a group setting, you will discover the wonder and allure of henna body art by exploring the history, culture, use, safety, and practice of this magnificent art form. 

Quin has been practicing henna since 2006 and is also a certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers.

She has taught many workshops in a variety of settings over the years. Her experience has led her to teach henna to the young and young at heart, in private homes, church basements, and corporate settings, and for lunch time learning experiences, book club meetings, and high school culture days. 

There are many different scenarios that can be accommodated for your unique circumstances. Get in touch today to find out more!

"We had Quin come in to present to a group of teen girls. She gave a very informative introduction to the history of henna and then gave all the girls their own henna design. The meeting far exceeded our expectations and we will definitely recommend her!!!" ~ Lee-Ann

What to Expect

In Depth Learning Experiences



  • This lesson focuses on making natural henna paste and learning how to get started with simple henna patterns and designs. After an explanation about the history, practice, and safety of henna, an in depth, hands-on mixology class will be next, followed by rolling and filling henna cones. You will then start learning how to use a henna cone to create simple lines and shapes. 

  • All materials are included and you will be left with a 100g box worth of henna paste and all the supplies you need, including a laminated sheet for easy practicing.

  • 2.5 hours in length.

  • $300


  • This lesson will focus on creating more detailed and intricate designs and patterns. You will be shown how to hone your design skills as well as how to structure basic Sangeet strip style henna designs as well as other simple styles. 

  • Practicing on your own after the Beginner class is recommended before booking the Intermediate class.

  • 2.5 hours

  • $300

Semi-Private: You can opt to have a friend, or friends, join you for a semi private lesson or a group lesson in your home or at another location (you would be responsible for the rental). We will focus on the same skills as in a private session. All materials are included and each participant will take away a 100g box worth of henna paste and all the supplies needed. It's more fun with friends!

  • 3 hours

  • starting at $50 each (see below for rates)

For All Other Learning Situations

There are a variety of different ways a workshop can be structured, it all depends on what your specific event, or learning experience, is for. We are happy to discuss with your what your unique needs are so that we can come up with something that works for you.

Here are some examples of what can be done at a workshop:

  • learn about the basic history of henna, including what it is used for and why (this can include a powerpoint presentation).

  • demonstration on how to make safe, natural henna paste.

  • safety is always included whenever doing presentations on henna body art.

  • learn how to hold a henna cone and start practicing basic lines and shapes.

  • practice basic henna designs on laminated design boards

  • have everyone receive a small henna design from the artist.

  • take home your own henna cone for use on skin.


To reserve Henna Planet's services, click on the Reserve Services button below and fill out the form with the date, location, and preferred time, and details about what kind of experience you are looking for.

Once we confirm the booking, you will receive a Service Agreement to be signed and returned, and an invoice to be paid in full, in order to secure Henna Planet for your date. Once that is received, a booking confirmation will be sent to you.


All fees are for locations within Toronto, for locations outside Toronto's boundaries, please get in touch.

For In Depth Learning Experiences

  • 1 learner is $300 for a private session 

  • 2 learners would be $160/each 

  • 3 learners would be $110/each 

  • 4 learners would be $85/each 

  • 5 learners would be $70/each 

  • 6 learners would be $60/each 

  • 7 learners would be $55/each 

  • 8 learners would be $50/each

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 4.46.27 PM.png

For all other Learning Experiences​

Starting at $300

Pease get in touch to discuss options!

Henna Planet's Off Site Policy 

Prepayment Upon Booking

In order to secure Henna Planet for your service, payment is due in full upon booking. You will receive an invoice through Square in which you will be able pay with any major credit card, debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or gift card. On the day of your event, if you find that you want to retain Henna Planet's services beyond the time you paid for, and the artist is available, you may pay the balance at the end of the service. Additional time is charged in half hour increments at $50.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

Once you have booked an event with us it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you. To avoid a loss of your investment, please provide cancellation notice at least 48 hours prior to your start time and we will allow a one time reschedule opportunity without penalty. Subsequent requests for rescheduling will be considered a cancellation and you will need to rebook.

If you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours before it is scheduled to take place, your appointment will be considered cancelled, you will not be able to reschedule, and you will not receive a refund.

You can reschedule an appointment by emailing


There are no refunds on henna services. You may reschedule if you get in touch within the minimum time frame allowed for rescheduling, see Cancellations and Rescheduling.

Health and Wellness

Please be respectful of your henna artist. If you are unwell, please reschedule. Henna Planet reserves the right to refuse service for those exhibiting signs of illness, and cancellations may occur with no refund.

Indoor and Outdoor Settings

Henna Planet will bring a table and chairs for all events. You are responsible for providing the following:

  • Outdoor Events: a shady location (unless a tent is provided by Henna Planet), away from loud music, and near an outlet if possible.

  • Indoor: a place to work that has plenty of light, away from loud music, and near an outlet if possible.

Henna Planet can provide some light, but being placed in the most natural lighting possible is greatly appreciated.


Dogs, cats, and henna do not mix. For In-Home Services, if there is a pet in the household that is likely to disrupt the henna application process, please place them in another room for the duration of the henna. If your pet is likely to sit quietly without disrupting the service, it is fine for them to remain in the room. 

Minimum Age

Henna is for 6 year olds and up only.

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