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In Studio Appointments

Quin's warm, calm presence as well as the smell of lavender from her home-made natural henna paste, will find you relaxed and at ease as she adorns you in creative, customized and intricate henna designs.

Henna Planet takes prides in its high quality professional service. You can expect friendly customer care in relation to all your henna questions and needs. 

What to Expect


To book an appointment at Manzer Hair Studio click on the service below to find a date and time that works for you. Payment is due in full at the time of booking. If you decide you would like to increase your service during the appointment, and the artist is available, you may do so at $25 per additional 15 minutes. The balance will be charged at the end of the appointment and payment can be made by credit, Apple/Android pay, email transfer, debit, or cash.

Henna takes two to three days to darken, if this is for a photo shoot or special occasion, plan accordingly.


  • Privacy: if you require privacy for your appointment, there is an additional $35/hr charge. The fully renovated basement will be reserved for your use exclusively.

  • Taping: if you would like us to dry the paste with a cool hair dryer and have medical tape applied to the design (which will allow clothing to be put on over top thereby preventing the henna from getting ruined) there is an additional $25 charge.

Please note: this is recommended for flat areas of the body like arms, backs, legs etc. Not recommended for hands.

  • Arriving with friends: you may request the use of the basement which has a couch for your friends to wait for you, or wait their turn to receive their henna. There is no additional charge, but it does depend on availability as it belongs to the salon.

Welcome to Manzer Hair Studio

Located at 1993 Danforth Ave, a four minute walk west from Woodbine subway station. There is paid street parking or side street parking as well.

When you enter the front door at street level, let the front desk know that you are here for a henna appointment with Quin, and she will be with you shortly.

All appointments take place in the salon with the Manzer Hair Studio clients and staff. Check out their website to check out their services. If you want to get your hair done at the same time, book your hair appointment first and then your appointment last.


In Studio Policy

Prepayment Upon Booking

In order to secure Henna Planet for your service, payment is due in full upon booking. Online booking services for Private Appointments at the studio will accept all major credit cards. If you would like to add more time to your appointment or event, and Henna Planet is available, you may pay the balance at the end of service by credit, Apple/Android pay, debit, or cash or email transfer.


Henna Planet rents out space at Manzer Hair Studio on a per appointment basis. Please respect the artist's time and arrive in a timely manner. If you will be late, please let the artist know, however keep in mind that you may receive abbreviated services. If you prefer, you will be allowed a one time reschedule without penalty. Subsequent requests for rescheduling will be considered a cancellation and you will need to re-book.



There are no refunds on henna services. Please ensure that you choose the appropriate service. Get in touch if you need assistance, or have any questions, to ensure that you choose the right service for your needs.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

Once you have booked an event with us it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you. To avoid a loss of your investment, please provide cancellation notice at least 48 hours prior to your start time and we will allow a one time reschedule opportunity without penalty as long as rescheduling occurs within two weeks of cancelling. Subsequent requests for 

rescheduling will be considered a cancellation and you will need to rebook. If you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours before it is scheduled to take place, your appointment will be considered cancelled, you will not be able to reschedule, and you will not receive a refund.

You can reschedule an appointment by emailing

Health and Wellness

Please be respectful of the studio guests, staff, and henna artist. If you are unwell, please reschedule. Henna Planet reserves the right to refuse service for those arriving with clear symptoms of illness. Please stay home if you are sick, otherwise your appointment may be cancelled with no refund.

Arriving with Others

The studio has a sitting area at the front where your friends are welcome to wait for you. Alternatively, if you would like to use the basement area, where there is a couch available for 2-3 people to sit while you receive your henna. If you would like this option, let us know on the intake form. Please note that it is not recommended that children under 6 accompany you to your appointment.

Privacy at the Studio

For those appointments which require you to strip some of your clothing to expose more skin, the basement area will need to be booked for a fully private service at an additional cost of $35/hr on top of your henna service fee.

Minimum Age

Henna is for 6 year olds and up only.

A close up of a woman wearing moroccan henna on her hands and holding a mug to her mouth. She is wearing a black sweater and a blue Indian style scarf.

From special occasions, to everyday wear, to tattoo trials, Henna Planet is here to accommodate all your henna requirements.
Come experience your henna application at Manzer Hair Studio, at 1993 Danforth Ave, where you will be treated professionally, courteously, and with great care.

Located inside Manzer Hair Studio, 1993 Danforth Ave. 

Henna Planet offers In-Studio appointments for one-on-one services. 

If you are arriving with friends or having henna services with friends at the same time, there is also the option to  request the basement lounge area which includes two comfortable chairs. If you require henna services for more than 3 people, please book an In-Home Party.

If you prefer privacy for your appointment, you can book the basement for your own use, or consider booking In-Home Services.

Studio Hours






 4:30 - 7:30 pm 

4:30 - 7:30 pm

4:30 - 7:30 pm

4:30 - 6:00 pm

9:00 - 5:00 pm

"Quin is a fantastic artist, her work is so beautiful! I was impressed with the amount of detail she was able to apply in the henna design she did on my hands. The stain came out very dark afterwards as well, highly recommend her!" ~ Shyana

In Studio Policy
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