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In Studio Bookings

At Manzer Hair Studio
1993 Danforth Ave

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  • ​The following photos are a guideline for the amount of henna you can expect to receive during the appointment.

  • The time can be used however you see fit. If you want henna on different areas of the body, or two hands for example, just choose the following service that you think will fit the amount of henna you want. Feel free to get in touch with me prior to booking to get an idea of how long to book for.

  • Allowing me to freestyle a design will take less time than having me copy a design.

Please Note:

Henna takes 2 - 3days to darken, if this is for a special occasion, please plan your appointment accordingly.

Studio Hours:

4:30  - 7:30pm 

4:30  - 7:30 pm

4:30  - 7:30 pm

 4:30  -  6:00 pm

 9:00  -  5:00 pm