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Henna Planet's fresh henna cones are smooth, easy to use, and produce a exquisite rich stain. Home-made with all natural ingredients, you will soon be creating henna art all over your friends, family, and yourself with impressive results.


  • All henna cones are personally hand-mixed by the artist using the highest quality ingredients.

  • Natural henna contains no preservatives, additives or chemicals, and produces a reddish/brownish stain.

  • Each cone contains 27mL of henna paste, or 1oz by weight.

  • Henna paste will demise quickly and should be stored in a ziplock bag in a cool, dark, dry place, preferably the freezer. They can be stored here for up to a year or longer.

  • Once the cones are defrosted, they can be returned to the freezer after use. 

Natural Henna Cone - 27 ml/cone (price is per cone)


All orders are picked up from my home near Coxwell and Danforth, a short walk from Coxwell Subway station.

Once I receive your order, and we establish a date and time for pick up, I will send you a Pick Up Confirmation which will include my address.

In hot weather you may want to bring a a small cooler pack to keep the henna cold. It may demise if left out too long in the heat. Put it in the freezer right away.

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