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​This 2023 crop Jamila henna powder is great for beginners as it produces a creamy, luxurious paste that is effortless to use. Already sifted, this henna does not even require straining at the end of dye release, it is a user freindly henna powder.

This body art quality henna powder is also the go-to henna powder for dying hair and creates deep reddish/brownish stain on light hair, and highlights on dark hair.


  • This triple sifted henna powder can be used for body art or for dying hair.

  • The powder comes in a foil bag inside a box wrapped in cellophane.​

  • Henna powder will demise quickly and should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place, preferably the freezer. Once opened, seal the package in an airtight bag. It can be kept for up to three years or more in the freezer.

  • Expires July 2026: however it has been kept in the freezer since purchase and as long as it is put into the freezer right away, it will be completely fine and fresh.

Jamila Henna Powder - 100g


All orders are picked up from my home near Coxwell and Danforth, a short walk from Coxwell Subway station.

Once I receive your order, and we establish a date and time for pick up, I will send you a Pick Up Confirmation which will include my address.

In hot weather you may want to bring a a small cooler pack to keep the henna cold. It may demise if left out too long in the heat. Put it in the freezer right away.

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